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CSR Strategy

Infuse Purpose into Company Culture

Companies with a clearly defined sense of purpose are up to 50% more likely to successfully expand into a new market. *The Business Case for Purpose

  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction
  • Build strong community relationships
  • Strengthen brand reputation
  • Align philanthropy with corporate values
  • Organize your CSR efforts for greater social impact

Whether you’re just getting started, looking to revise your focus, or deepen your impact, we’ll work together to build the strategy and tools you need to move forward. Your new plan will align with your business values and objectives, engage your employees, and deliver maximum impact to your community.

CSR Thought Partner

Take Advantage of 25+ Years of Experience

Why go at it alone? Ensure your CSR strategy is moving forward with best practices and the latest tools. As an Increase Your Good client, you benefit from the wisdom and experience of more than 25 years in the social impact field. We stay up to date with the latest trends and technology in CSR management and impact reporting and pass that on to you.

Who needs this? You – the person in your company that is managing: giving, employee volunteerism, community engagement, ESG, impact reporting, marketing, corporate communications.

We meet weekly or bi-weekly to support program implementation and talk through CSR issues as they come up. We’re there to troubleshoot, brainstorm, bring expertise, connect you to resources, review plans, and help move your strategy forward. We work at the pace that works best for you.

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CSR Signature Program Design

Design a Program that Showcases Your Impact

A signature CSR program will bring an identity to your purpose program and help it become part of your company’s tradition.

Who: Your team and critical stakeholders.

What: Design a branded program that builds on and showcases your community investment and is meaningful and impactful for your nonprofit partners.

“When consumers think a brand has a strong purpose, they are 4.1 times more likely to trust the company.” *Zeno Strength of Purpose study

We bring our deep social sector experience to our corporate clients, ensuring that the purpose programs we design together are authentic, meaningful and measurable.